Eating is no longer just a necessity for everyone, now it’s more like a lifestyle. So we don’t only eat what we need, but also what we want. Every day we consume a wide range of diverse foods, many of which actually have toxic substances in them without us knowing.

We may not notice the effect of those substances right away, but as we continue to eat the dangerous foods, their remains pile up in our body, accumulating the effect until it becomes like a time bomb that is ready to blow up our health – i.e., causing a sudden heart attack or cancer.

Below are 20 deadliest foods you eat everyday. Identifying them will allow you to adopt a much healthier lifestyle as you will be able to avoid unwanted toxins and eat more healthily.

1. Margarine

We often use margarine as a substitute to butter, although it’s probably not a good replacement. In fact, it can be potentially more dangerous for your health. According to studies, many cases of cancer and heart disease are linked to the consumption of this food.

2. Soda

Among the effects of drinking soda is weight gain, especially if the soda you drink contains a lot of sugar – and there is almost non-sweet soda today, right? With weight gain, it also means that the risk increases for developing diabetes, cancer, and heart attack.

3. Raw Meat and Uncooked Eggs

Raw meat and uncooked eggs may contain harmful bacteria including salmonella, which can cause salmonellosis or infection in the intestinal tract, in addition to potential complications that can be life-threatening to people with a weak immune system.

4. Processed Meat

Another food that can cause serious health problems in the long run is processed meat. From crispy ham to hot dogs, they all can increase a person’s cancer risk. That’s due to the fact that many of these foods have artificial ingredients which is bad for health.

5. Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals are actually not as natural and healthy as they look, because the truth is, they can be extremely unhealthy. You better take a look at the ingredients, since these foods don’t only contain excessive sugar, but also a mixture of unnatural flavor enhancers.

6. Chips

As we know, many people love eating chips, although they are extremely unhealthy due to their lots of fat, salt, and calories, which cause one to gain weight, have a high-level of cholesterol and eventually prone to various diseases.

7. Baked Goods

Backed goods, especially the pre-packaged ones, are a common source of hydrogenated oils, which increases your saturated fat intake. There are also other artificial substrates inside that you need to be aware of.

8. Fat-Free Foods

Free-fat foods are often marketed as healthy alternatives. But in reality, not all of them are healthy, since sugar and artificial ingredients are used to replace fat in these foods.

9. French Fries

Just like chips, French fries can involve an unhealthy cooking process. Unhealthy oils can clog up arteries and cause various diseases.

10. Cheese

Cheese is considered a high-fat food and when eaten alongside other calorie-dense foods, it can promote weight gain. In addition, there are cheese varieties sold in supermarket that have numerous potentially harmful additives.

11. Red Meat

In case you don’t know, eating too much meat can actually increase the risk of cancer. Not only meat is more difficult to digest, but it could also contain unknown chemicals used during farming period.

12. Ice Cream

Yes! We all love ice cream, but eating too much of it can increase your risk for high cholesterol and diabetes.

13. Fast and Fried Foods

There’s no question that any food cooked in unhealthy oil could trigger health problems. Moreover, such food can be highly addictive and is often eaten in large amounts.

14. White Bread

According to studies, the making process of white bread causes most of its nutritional content to go away, leaving consumers with substances that can raise their blood sugar levels, increasing their risk of developing diabetes.

15. Microwave Popcorn

You might not know it, but microwave popcorn has all the toxins and chemicals that can lead to various health issues.

16. Fruit Juice

High fructose in fruit juice can actually damage your health. In addition, lots of juices are filled with sugar, which can lead to a wide variety of issues.

17. Mushrooms

Not all mushrooms are safe to eat. For instance, cremini mushrooms might make excellent pasta toppers, but some species contain deathly poisons.

18. Rhubarb Leaves

Rhubarb might Brighten up all sorts of delicious sweets, but the leaves contain poisonous substances which can cause shortness of breath, seizures, renal failure, and in the worst-case scenario, death.

19. Shellfish

An allergy to shellfish may cause breathing trouble and even life-threatening health conditions.

20. Elderberry

The elderberry plant can cause a severely upset stomach, so you better stay away from its leaves and stems.